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I dunno how many people use this anymore but anyways!

I've had a microdermal since December and it got ripped out yesterday thanks so some idiot drunk girl in a pub. She got caught on me with a netted top type thing and I said to her not to pull and she yanked her top and took my microdermal with it because she done it with such force.

I paniced and shoved it back in and I've had a plasted over it since. Anyone know if it will be ok like this?(I can't get to a piercing place for atleast a week)


Mods feel free to delete if this is outside of the community rules :)
Pretty shiny things for your ears!!! Sizes 24-30mmCollapse )

tongue bar question.

I was wondering if people would mind telling me what length and width your bar is?

If it matters I've had it pierced for 6 years nearly.

Is there anything that you can buy to put on tattoos to stop them fading in the sun? I'm going to Turkey in July and don't want my tattoos to end up faded!

A bit more work on my sleeve

Got another 4 hours of work done on my sleeve today after 6 months of it just being sat waiting for color. So I picked blue, which is a pain in the arse as well.

I am indeed a sucker for punishment.

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Heloooo. I'm debating getting my tongue pierced, what are your experiences of tongue piercings? I'm aware that it will hurt, but what is it like afterwards? does the bar totally ruin your teeth? any advice would be great :)

Septum Piercing

I had my septum pierced last week. My piercer told me to keep the retainer up my nose whilst it heals. I know a few people who've had their septum pierced and they've said "well I wasn't told to keep it up my nose to heal" So my question is do you keep it up your nose to heal or can you bring it down??

6th tattoo

Hope some people recognise the lyrics!  From 'Feeling This' by Blink-182, to remind me of my favourite band growing up and being young! By Kev Younger at Tribe 2 in Glasgow, a master of text but text design is by my very talented aspiring tattoo artist friend Wee Karen.
Pic behind cut due to 'in pants' content! Hehe...Collapse )

Skin question.

I really want to get started on my sleeve but I have bad skin on my upper arms. It's acne from PCOS and I have a gel to ...try to fix it but it's not really making much difference. 

Will this be a big problem for getting tattooed? Any one had any experience with bad skin + ink?